Notice Required by the Privacy Law.
Article 13 of Legislative Decree 196 of May 30, 2003.

In conformity with article 13 of Legislative Decree 196 of May 30, 2003, the Privacy Law (hereinafter the “Law”), MIVELL S.rl.s. (hereinafter MIVELL) with headquarters at Via Roma 115 – 61032 Fano (PU) Italy, as the Data controller, is required to provide users who connect to the domain (regardless of the purposes of the connection) information about the processing of the personal data carried out there.

This document is the Privacy Policy of this site (subject to future updates). For the purposes of this notice, we define the following terms:
Processing: any operation, or group of operations, carried out, even without computers, that involve collection, recording, organisation, preservation, consultation, processing, editing, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, blocking, communication, dissemination, deletion and destruction of data, even if not recorded in a database;
Personal data: any information about natural or legal persons, organisations or associations, identified or identifiable, even indirectly, through reference to any other information, including a personal identification number;
Identifying data: the personal data that directly identifies the data subject;
Quasi-sensitive data: personal data other than sensitive and judicial whose processing can involve specific risks to rights and fundamental liberties, as well as to the dignity of the data subject, in relation to the nature of the data, the processing methods or the effects that it could determine;
Sensitive data: personal data that reveals racial and ethnic origin, religious, philosophical or other beliefs, political opinions, memberships in parties, trade unions, associations or other organizations of a religious, philosophical, political or trade union character as well as personal information suitable to revealing one’s state of health and sexual life;
Anonymous data: data that, at its origin or following processing, cannot be associated to an identified or identifiable data subject;
Data controller: the natural or legal person, government agency or any other organisation, association or body who determines the purposes for which, and the manner in which, personal data is to be processed, including the aspect of security;
Data processor: the natural or legal person, government agency or any other organisation, association or body appointed by the data controller to process personal data;
Data subject: the natural or legal person, organisation or association to whom the personal data refer;
Appointee: the natural person authorised to carry out processing by the data controller and data processor;
MIVELL.COM domain: the domain, reachable via the Internet World Wide Web service at the address , consisting of the data, applications, technological and human resources, and organisational rules and procedures used to acquire, store, process, exchange, retrieve and transmit the information.
Collection Points: areas within the domain used for the collection of personal data.

1. A) The following items of personal data are being processed: Name, Surname, Age, Sex, Profession, Education, Address, City, Province, E-mail address, Telephone number, Cellular telephone, Postal Code, Fax.
The optional, express and voluntary sending of an e-mail to the addresses provided on this site will lead to the acquisition of the sender’s address, which is necessary for providing a reply, and of any other personal data contained in the message. Website pages that offer access to special services will provide and display specific policy information.
In any case, you will be asked on a case-by-case basis to consent to the processing of your personal data, where required by law.
1. B) Similarly, your IP address and the type of browser you use to connect to the domain (non-identifying data), automatically recorded by the logical devices that protect and control access to the domain (log files), are also being processed. This personal data will exclusively be used to control network traffic to the domain.
This is information that is not collected to be associated to the identified data subject but, due to its nature, it could be used to identify users through processing it and associating it with information held by third parties. This data is only used to prepare anonymous statistical information about the use of the site and to check on its correct operation and are deleted immediately after processing. The data could be used to determine responsibility in the event that the site was damaged by a hypothetical computer crime: except for this possibility, at present, data about Web contacts is not kept on the site for more than seven days.
1. C) In addition, MIVELL processes and analyses data about the pages of the domain that you visit, detected through files. By means of these technologies (used to understand your navigation preferences by tracking the areas of the domain that you have visited before) MIVELL can customise its services to your needs without recording information unnecessarily. (A cookie consists of a string of data that a Web site sends to the browser. The data can also be stored in the computer using an anonymous tag that identifies the computer but not the user. Some MIVELL pages use cookies, sent by MIVELL or third parties, and other technologies in order to offer better navigation of the Web site.
It is possible to set the browser to receive notice before receiving a cookie, thus offering the possibility to accept it or not. It is also possible to disable cookies completely. Some Web sites may not work correctly with cookies disabled).
1. D) In the case where sensitive personal data is collected through the domain, in conformity with article 4, letter “d” of DL 196/2003, you will be informed in advance and allowed to express your consent in written form, as prescribed by law.

2. A) The personal data will be the object of processing no longer than the time necessary for:
• managing the relationship with MIVELL;
• purposes strictly connected and instrumental to the management of the above-mentioned relationship (such as the acquisition of pre-contractual information and to provides services as contractually agreed);
• the analysis of the information obtained in order to offer goods and services considered to be of interest to you by sending promotional messages;
• purposes related to checking on the progress of relations with customers and controlling credit and fraud risks connected to the services provided by MIVELL;
• purposes connected to legal obligations and orders from the authorities and oversight bodies;
• fulfilment of legal obligations.
• fulfilment of specific requests from the data subject.

3. A) The data you provide remotely by filling out the forms prepared at the collection points of the domain will be processed by computer and on paper for the purpose of customising the MIVELL’s services.
3. B) The data will be processed in such a way as to ensure its physical and logical security and confidentiality and may be carried out using manual, computerised and remote tools suitable for storing, transmitting and sharing the data itself.
3. C) The processing logic will be closely correlated to the purposes explained above and, in particular, your data, which could be subject to all the processing in article 4, letter “a”, of the Law, will be stored and/or processed using computer procedures and used by:
– company departments assigned to manage the above-referenced activities (and related obligations), or enabled to perform those necessary for the maintenance, execution and/or conclusion of the relationship established with you;
– by natural or legal persons that, on the basis of a contract with MIVELL, provide specific processing services or perform connected activities that are instrumental to, or that support, those of MIVELL.

4. A) Your data will, or can be communicated – after you express your consent as required by law – to third-party subjects such as:
• Banks assigned to regulate payments by the agreed-upon methods;
• Insurance companies for the handling of any claims for compensation for damages;
• Agencies or bodies authorised for the fulfilment of the relative obligations within the limits of the law;
• Companies that are part of the MIVELL Group to improve the quality of the services that MIVELL is able to offer you;
• Natural or legal persons that, on the basis of a contract with MIVELL, provide specific processing services or perform connected activities that are instrumental to, or that support, those of MIVELL.
4. B) The domain contains hypertext links that do not constitute communication to other domains. MIVELL is not responsible for any violations of privacy committed against you by such sites.

5. A) Providing the data – with the exception of that marked by an asterisk, which is required for the purchase of the products offered for sale through the site – is not a requirement but is essential for the correct fulfilment of the obligations.
Providing the data is not a requirement but is essential for the correct fulfilment of pre-contractual or contractual obligations and, in general, for carrying out obligations required by law. Any refusal to provide your personal data, or to consent to their processing and communication to the subjects in point 4. A), will create difficulties in carrying out any contractual relationship that may arise between you and our company, as well as in using the services connected to them. 6. THE DATA SUBJECT’S RIGHTS
Finally, we wish to inform you that articles 7, 8, 9 and 10 of the Law – whose text is reproduced below in its entirety – give data subjects specific rights.
In particular, you may ask MIVELL to confirm whether or not it has personal data about you and to receive it in intelligible form.
You may, likewise, know the origin of the data, as well as the logic and purposes of its processing; you may also request – where allowed by law – the deletion, transformation in anonymous form or blockage of data processed in violation of the law; you may also request that the data be updated, corrected or if you have an interest, supplemented. Finally, you may object to the processing for legitimate reasons.

The data controller for processing purposes is MIVELL S.r.l.s. with headquarters at Via Roma 115 – 61032 Fano (PU) Italy. The list of outside companies responsible for performing particular processing will be kept updated and sent to you upon request. It will also be made available at MIVELL’s offices.

In relation to this notice, which I declare to have read and understood,
• I express the consent required by article 23 of the Law to the processing of my personal data by MIVELL for all the purposes described, including the sending of promotional or advertising information, even by remote communications, for goods and services that MIVELL thinks may be of interest to the customer;
• as well as consent to the communication and sending of the data to subjects belonging to the category of subjects in point 4.A), likewise obligating myself to inform MIVELL of the updating of data that may be changed or corrected over time;
• I likewise declare that I have provided (or: that it will be my responsibility to provide) the notice required by article 13 of the Law, to those subjects whose personal data I am communicating to MIVELL before communicating them; and – if necessary – to have obtained their consent to the communication and processing.

You have the right to revoke your consent to the processing of your personal data, at any time, by activating the REVOCATION procedure.

This Web site is managed by MIVELL, the data controller, with headquarters at Via Roma 115 – 61032 Fano (PU) Italy.

For questions or more informatio about the processing of personal data or to exercise rights in the preceding paragraph 6, please e-mail the web site administrator at . Please contact us at the same address for answers about the management of the information by MIVELL.
Before MIVELL can provide you any information, or modify it, it may have to verify your identity and answer several questions.
If there are questions about the sites’ privacy information, please feel free to contact MIVELL directly. We will respond as soon as possible.