Evolution of the plants involves the development of secondary metabolites, which are an important aid for the growth and the plants renovation. Many of these molecules present in the herbal demonstrated pharmacological activity in the human body.
Mivell research and development unit represent the heart our activity. The study of the properties of secondary metabolites on human wellness is the ground to develop new products through a methodological scientific approach
Our R&D unit works at different level: accurate bibliographic research to develop new formulation and pre-clinical and clinical study to assess the activity, safety and efficacy of the products.

Bibliographic Research

libro scientifico

With the aim of improving human wellness, the formulation of our innovative products is based on an accurate analysis of scientific publications. Our research takes into account the molecular, pharmacological and the toxicological effect of the medicinal plants, with a focus on the different active species to make a selection of the most active compounds for therapeutic purposes.


image representing Mivell's formulations

In this research field, we create the prototype of our product. Once we determine the mechanism of action of the single molecules we also study their chemical affinity and stability in combination. Another important aspect is the study of the bioavailability of the compound. Different natural active species are well known for their efficiency but also for their poor absorption properties; this is due to the interaction of the molecules with a complex system, the human body, composed by different antagonist factor (for example the cell membrane, drastic pH, metabolic enzymes and intestinal microflora).
Our goal is to optimize the potential activities of the molecules used in our formulation, making them more resistant to the antagonist factors and so increasing their bioavailability.
This is a primary aspect for us; all Mivell products are formulated in an extremely efficient way in order to improve the issues related to the poor molecular absorption.

Pre-clinical Research

pre clinical research laboratory

The pre-clinical research evaluates the chemical and biological properties of active compounds present in our formulations. It is based on in-vitro study also with cell model that allow to evaluate the specific activity of the single molecules and their combination. In concert with the formulation technological research activity, this phase is essential and functional to the definition of the right combination of extracts.

Clinical Trial

Image representing Mivell's clinical trial

Mivell product are particularly innovative. Considering that, we believe in the clinical research to prove the efficacy of our products. Clinical trial is the last research step; it scientifically and statistically confirms the properties of the product and exclude any possible side effects in the human body.
An ethical committee, composed by scientific reviewers, evaluate the ethical and scientific honesty of the submitted protocol; after the approval a medical center run the trial.
Due to the natural origin the legislation does not require clinical trial to sell our products.
Most of our competitors do not perform clinical trial, however we firmly believe in the potential of our products and we invest resources and time to prove the efficacy of our formulations with scientific data.