In this section you can deepen of what we consider important to work well, choose good raw material and formulate the finished products. We show you al research steps to prove what we already know: our products are quality products, which work! We follow an accurate production chain, from the scientific research to the use of standardized and high bioavailable compounds so through this way we guarantee effectiveness.


5 October 2017

What does bioavailability mean? Bioavailability means the amount of active that reach the systemic circulation. It represents the main aspect to keep in mind in


20 June 2017

What is Phytotherapy? Phytotherapy is a medical practice that use medical plants as preventive or therapeutic approach to treat human diseases. Many molecules p


15 March 2017

What is phyto-complex The set of active molecules naturally presents in plants are called phytochemicals. Some phytochemicals are responsible for different orga