Mivell is an innovative start-up, born in 2015, producing functional nutritional supplements based on natural compound, to human wellness. In a young and dynamic environment we look for the new scientific studies that explore and support the huge therapeutic potential of vegetal world molecules and we try to transform this knowledge in safe and effective natural products.  
We conjugate traditional medicine, based on herbal remedies, with the new scientific discoveries about the properties of plants extracts to hit the therapeutic target.
Our products are different to the others marketers: behind the selected natural compounds there is a scientific rationale that prove their efficacy and safety; the molecules are mixed to rise the efficacy through synergistic interactions; the quality of the raw materials is the best, if it is possible we use the phyto-complex, and we only use compounds with high bioavailability.


Our slogan is: “bring to light the pharmacological properties of the natural compounds”, this explain our mission and MIVELL existence. Herbal remedies were used from ancient times but today they are downgraded as alternative medicine. Phytotheraphy instead is part of medicine, it is scientifically supported, that can help people to treat or prevent human diseases beside of traditional drugs.

Quality and efficacy

Mivell products’ quality starts from the careful raw materials selection and keeps on with important partnership. To create innovative products we collaborate only with virtuous manufacturers of natural extracts, that use innovative extraction technologies with solvent and microbiological contamination under the UE standards and new strategies to gain an high bioavailability.
We guarantee the quality of the product in each step of the production chain, from the collection or wild crafting (harvesting from nature) of plants to the manufacture of the final product. In our laboratories, we use modern instrumentations and protocols to test periodically the stability and the chemical/physical properties of the raw materials and the final products.
Our goal is to preserve the performance of our active compounds and to study innovative technologies to ensure the absorbance of our formulations.
The therapeutic potential of our product is guarantee by scientific support and an accurate study about the dosage of actives, considering bioavailability, the synergism and the formulation technology.

Marketing Policy

A pharmacist and a customerWe distribute our products through pharmacies and drugstores, we know the value of our products and we believe that only a professional pharmacist can correctly recommend them to the

A doctor writing a prescription

costumers. We have a team of full-trained scientific sales agents that introduce our products and keep doctors, nutritionists and pharmacists update about our new formulations. We know

that nutritional supplements not need prescription but we are aware on the quality and efficacy of our products so we decide to invest time and resources in medical disclosure to allow the professionals to decide whether they want to recommend Mivell’s products or not.

Our best advertisement is a buzz marketing, we are sure that once the costumers has been tried our products they will not stop talking about it!