What is phyto-complex

The set of active molecules naturally presents in plants are called phytochemicals. Some phytochemicals are responsible for different organoleptic properties, such as the colour or smell, while some other have a biological role as defence strategies. In the western society, a growing interest into natural remedies has started.
The new coined word “phyto-complex” is now widely used among scientists. Phyto-complex means the mixture of active and inactive molecules present in the plants. The idea behind the use of a phyto-complex compare to the use of a single molecule is based on the scientifically proved synergism, mainly in term of bioavailability, between the different component of the plant.
Phyto-complex advantages:

  • Molecular synergism: the efficacy of herbal extracts is due to the combine effect of all the molecules. A single molecule cannot reproduce the effect that the whole complex induces in the human body.
  • Bioavailability improvement: it is scientifically proven that the presence in the Phytocomplex of pharmacologically inactive molecules influences the absorption, stability and release of certain active ingredients, going to act on their bioavailability.

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