What does bioavailability mean?

Bioavailability means the amount of active that reach the systemic circulation. It represents the main aspect to keep in mind in the dosage’s choice because the pharmacological effect of the actives is mediated by their concentration in blood flow and not in the product.
The bioavailabitily depends on the route of administration, it is evaluated as percentage respect the intravenous infusion considered the 100%, in this last case the concentration used in the formulation is present in the blood flow.
Oral route of administration has the best patients compliance but in this case not just the molecules have to cross the gastrointestinal barrier but also they can be subjected by many metabolic chemical reactions that modify the actives and reduced their blood concentration.
Beyond that from the route of administration, bioavailability is influenced by the physico-chemical properties of the compounds, by the formulation technologies and by individual genetic factors.

High bioavailability of Mivell products

bioavailable molecules

One of the main target of Mivell is ensure an elevated bioavailability of the actives. We look for natural extracts with good physico-chemical properties, we use new formulation technologies, we pay attention to particle sizes, to excipients and coating and we try to use, when it is possible, the phyto-complex.
Gastrointestinal absorption is the first impediment for the input of the active molecules in the blood flow so it represents a critical aspect for bioavailability. The main mechanisms involved in absorption are passive diffusion, transporters or endocytosis.
Some natural molecules can use transporters present in the enterocyte membrane, this allow them to cross of the barrier but at the same it could create a competition mechanism with food or other drugs. Mivell is careful not only in the pharmacodynamic but also in the pharmacokinetic synergism of its own formulations.
Solubility is an important factor influencing absorption of molecules, water solubility is essential for extract dispersion but it prevents passive diffusion. At the same time highly hydrophobic compounds are poorly absorbed too.
Moreover the evaluation of gastric PH and digestive enzymes effects are important.
So different aspects need attention in the bioavailability improvement: solubility and absorption represent the key points of Mivell research.
High bioavailability allows the use of lower dosage to ensure the pharmacological effect so reducing the possible local adverse effects.
The genetic influence on the metabolism and on the activity of compounds can create interindividual differences but its study competes to the personalized medicine.

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