PrInT-Age Project

PrInT-Age Project

28th of February 2017

An integrated approach for the promotion of the health of elderly and fragile people: prevention of infections, nutritional integration and personalized therapies

PrInT-Age is a project funding for € 847.889,63 by Regione Marche within the POR MARCHE FESR 2014-2020 – Asse 1 – OS 3 – Azione 3.1 “Promove innovative solutions to address the challenges of local communities about health and wellness”, with a total budget of € 1.680.000.
It come from a partnership between companies (Diatheva, Diatech Pharmacogenetics, Mivell) and research centers of Marche (Polytechnic University of Marche and University of Urbino “Carlo Bò”) that, exploiting scientific and industrial skills in diagnostic and nutraceutical, will allow to develop products useful to improve wellness of elderly and fragile people, reducing public costs.
Clinical trials of the new products are also part of the project with the collaboration of private and public medical centers (S. Stefano Group of Porto Potenza Picena, INRCA of Ancona, Hospital of Ancona).
The entire project is coordinated by Diatheva as leader company.

The project will develop:

  • Diagnostic kits for personalized therapies in fragile people
  • Diagnostic kits for prevention of clinical risk in health facilities
  • utritional supplement for fragile people

The project is divided in Work Packages (WP) according to the target described above. Mivell is leader and coordinator of WP3 that as the task to develop ant test nutritional supplement for prevention of cardiovascular diseases and inflammatory disease of the skeletal muscle system.
The use of nutritional supplement in health facilities for elderly and fragile people could be improve the wellness of patients and prevent the onset of the diseases.

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