Nutritional supplement to support urinary tract wellness

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CistiPAC-A is a nutritional supplement formulated with natural extracts effective in preventing and treating urinary tract infections (UTI)

Cystitis is usually a recurrent and chronic disease cause by the bacterial colonization of bladder. Common symptoms are:

  • Pain and burning in urination
  • Pain in the lower part of abdomen
  • Turbid urine
  • Feeling of heavy bladder
  • Urinary urgency

Natural active compounds in CistiPAC-A have a multitarget activity against the main UTI characteristics: infection, inflammation and pain.
The standardized Cranberry extract (Vaccinum Macrocarpon), Oximacro, ensure an elevated concentration of Type A Proanthocyanidins, really active against bacterial pathogenicity.
The D-mannose, a sugar extracted from birch wood, promotes bacterial elimination with urine synergizing with Cranberry activity.
Curcumin, in a highly bioavailable formulation, relieves pathological symptoms through its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


Take two capsules per day, away from meals, during the acute phase of the infection.
To avoid recurrence and to ensure urinary tract wellness continues with one capsule per day, before bed.


Many clinical trials pointed out that the beneficial effects of Cramberry are mediated by type A Proanthocynidins and they suggest 60 mg per day in the treatment of lower urinary tract infection. Efficcacy of Cramberry based products so is linked with the correct determination of PAC-A presence. Control the amount of PAC-A in your product!
Standard methods of analysis not determine correctly PAC-A and PAC-B fractions and usually overestimate the proanthocynidins content.
The Oximacro extract is analyzed with the new method, scientifically validated, BL-DMAC that is more accurate and is successfully used to quantify PACs from Cramberry.
This method is followed by HPLC-MS, the only way to correctly determine the PAC-A.
It is currently the method used in high quality food supplements


SOSTANZE ATTIVEper 1 capsulaper 2 capsule
Bio Curcumina300 mg600 mg
D-Mannosio300 mg600 mg
Cranberry120 mg240 mg
PAC tot43,2 mg86,4 mg
di cui PAC-A36,7 mg73,4 mg
Vitamina C40 mg 50% VNR*80 mg 100% VNR*

*VNR: valore nutrizionale di riferimento giornalieri, reg. 1169/2011

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